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Was the beauty created by desperate Ego grabs at order or Heart creation into chaos? We get to choose the energy, which makes all the difference! (Photo by Jan Canty on Unsplash)

What Can We Learn from Chaos? How about Ourselves?

Why wait? Here is the poem that prompted my story of only a few hours ago!

Chaos offers creators opportunities, joys, adventures, and…well, you determine anything else it offers. Ego wants to grab hold of what it perceives as an order that prevents change, which is a threat to Ego. Heart rejoices in such evidence of wise, magical chaos as our unity with, and being, the whole Universe.

Check with your own Heart, your Highest Self, about how this speaks to you, or not.

Here it is, along with the thoughts and questions that I felt after writing the poem. I will be publishing a book with these sorts of poems in them, poems of self-discovery. (By the way, I offer this because it may help some few people, even though, as with my second book, Amazon’s algorithm gods thought I plagiarized because I had published precursor essays here on Medium. Same thing may happen here, but my distributor has numerous other outlets! By the way, this, along with the previous post, are written expressions of my video of last week.)

(Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash)

Just Listening, Just Learning

Lessons of life in suburban constructs of cleverly named

Asphalt streets , neatly arranged neighborhoods,

Trimmed lawns — stamps of the order and needs of domesticated, non-magical us.

Here in the midst of civilized constructs, Nature thrives and Soul of the World communes:

Doves coo, sparrows twitter, cardinals call insistently, dogs bark,

Leaves of the trees whisper at the gentle prompting of spirit-wind, and untended

Weeds prosper, urged on by the great Mother herself.

Nature grants awareness of wise, magical chaos in the midst of our imagined


Questions and Thoughts

I do not believe that every turning of a leaf or cawing of a crow presages some momentous event in my life. Sometimes, for someone in particular, significance may be found in some message of nature. However, I do believe that Nature speaks daily of patterns and possibilities of life that may seem chaotic to us in the midst of our artificial constructs that disregard the magic of Nature, the Universe, and true chaos.

What do I perceive of nature this day?

What do I think are my needs for order, significance, or anything? Do I really need anything?

How does any natural pattern around me today give me insight into myself?

Where is the magic? How can I create magic from Heart energy?



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