What Matters? Something Specific Tonight (Not What I Had Planned!)

(Mike DePung — Post II.111–17)

Tonight, I have written some thoughts prompted by some posts on FB. It is not directly related to my Morning Pages publication today about mattering to Self and others. I will say, though, because I matter to myself, I think what I have to offer is meaningful.

When people don’t matter to themselves, they project their disdain for self to others. It happens every day. When leaders and influencers do it, I feel I should say something because they are hurting souls I care about.

Despite the darker feel to the following, I treat it as shedding light. It’s just me, and I love Me and I love You. Because I wish to express how much my abilities matter to myself, I offer the following.


A Response to Some FB Posts I’ve Seen Today!

I have heard the accusations against the major news agencies, that they have an agenda to keep lying until it becomes truth. That is partly based on a faulty assumption that truth is fact. Truth is relative and personal, and truth colors how facts are interpreted. But I digress.

The assumption is everything the news outlets say is a lie, inaccuracy, or inconsistency. If that’s the way you are interpreting life, then you better be on a crusade against every service, corporation, or goods that are produced. Do the news agencies produce inaccuracies on purpose? I have no idea. But that assumption of lies and inconsistencies must work both ways, on those who favor one extreme or another, on the reporting as well as the reported.

For all the points made about Trump not leaking anything to the Russians in the FB post I read, someone should let the senate subcommittee on intelligence know that. Someone should also tell Trump that our NATO allies don’t expect fellow world leaders to act stupid, insensitive, rude, and a bully. Those qualities are not necessary to be the leader of the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the history of Earth.

The other post I have seen today is the Gum Ball explanation of immigration. The conclusion left to draw is we should not receive any more immigrants because we siphon off all the ones who could help the billions living under the extreme poverty definition in the countries they come from. Fine.

That raises a couple good points. We should use our money and innovative brilliance to aid nations to help them develop their best natural resource — people. It means new programs, not funneling billions to win favor, i.e., no ulterior motives but humanitarian.

The second thing it implies is we should develop and invest money and innovation into those poorer segments of our society. We should not be cutting money to help those who are the closest in our nation to those who are classified as in extreme poverty. They may not be at that world level, but the philosophy is those that are weakest should receive investments from us. Does the proposal of Trump and his budget officer do that? No, in fact, they destroy Dr. Gum Ball’s philosophy, so for those who use the anti-immigration argument to support Trump and his schemes, you aren’t following the logic trail because if you were, you would cry out long and loud against the newest budget proposal.

The third concept implied in Gum Ball’s analogy is we must quit thinking in terms of America is the best, the greatest, and we deserve to say, do, and have whatever we want just because we can. That is pure and unadulterated nationalism, and when it’s demanded by the most powerful, wealthiest nation on the face of the earth, it’s the rankest form of bullying — legitimized by brute force. The only way to have the things that some tout as America’s greatness is to make it the world’s greatness of equal opportunity for all to be able to purse happiness, all who want to do that; our president should not pursue belittling, destroying, or humiliating others, and that is not false reporting. It is self-reporting by the Donald himself.

Now, back to the news that dude AnOmaly, or however it’s spelled, rants about. It’s easy to grab clips, bites, excerpts and the like and add your own commentary to spin it — on either side of an issue. However, I saw another bit on his page about the Manchester bombing with a shot of Arianna Grande saying Islam is love and then a gratuitous shot of the bombing scene asking Grande if she still thought the same. If you feel like that, your hatred for yourself is showing. The bomber was born and raised in Manchester.

Trump’s incompetency and actions have been there for all to see. He has done a super job of showing what a rude, nationalistic, inhumane human he is, incontrovertibly. I don’t need to run him down; he’s proven his ability to do that quite admirably. He is incompetent, and problems with inaccurate news reports aside, when his own party and the people who understand the constitution and legal system are reigning Trump in, everybody needs to listen. Besides, picking on a few inaccurate stories or even lies doesn’t look at the ones that are not lies. On the other hand, if any journalist knowingly lies in reporting, that person should be fired without hesitation.

All of this should bring us to think about how we relate to the rest of humanity who is not like us. We need to get acquainted with our own Heart, core Self, and realize that what’s there is the same essence as in every other human being. I am not in the camp of those who claim America is the greatest nation in the world so give us what we want: “35% import tax.” “You pay for the wall.” “We don’t want your kind here.” Nor am I in the camp of blind allegiance to any side. I am, unequivocally, in the camp of politics is secondary to our spiritual life and spiritual considerations of humanity as a whole should be the base of politics.

I will say that each of us, especially those opposed to the current bullying and intimidating sweep of nationalism, needs to show that we matter to ourselves, and because of that, everyone else on this globe matters. Do we evaluate and expose darkness of soul? Yes, and that means being confrontational to some extent. That means refuting the sort of things I’ve spoken of here. But it also means compassion for those who don’t think the same. They will never see anything differently without compassion, the compassion of being heard and knowing that their views are considered.

Someone like Trump needs to be toppled from his leadership position. He can do what he wants with his companies. I would never work for one of his concerns if his attitude of blunt, blithering incompetency only supported by money and fear filtered down his leadership line. He certainly is neither qualified nor fit to lead this nation, any nation. He is being exposed, and I only wish to give my voice to this effort.

We deserve and need leadership at all levels who recognize and design policy, intelligent, informed policy, based on Heart principles of who and what we are as human beings. Yes, this is a global view, and it’s my opinion, my expression of who I am and what I do, in part.

I have heard your voice, those of you who take the referenced opposing views. I have written in response to them because you and your views matter to me, as do the other billions of people on this planet, as I matter to myself.




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