What Channel Are We Tuned to: Ego or Heart? (Nationally, We Have Major Static)

(Mike DePung — Post II.8)

Have you ever tuned on old-fashioned analog radio to an exact frequency? You have to turn the dial close to the frequency and then rock it back and forth past it until you land exactly on it.

If we are observant, we can tell what frequency an individual is trying to hit by the adjacent frequencies they land on before settling on the final one. Unless that person is someone close to us, we don’t go around analyzing everyone.

The tuning process is everywhere. Young men and women flirt, get angry, cry, and go through all sorts of machinations to establish relationships. Tuning. People keep pursuing different education paths or jobs in order to end up with an acceptable career. Tuning. The point is sometimes we can know what someone is tuning for by those choices they are making to either side of the desired frequency, and we can even know what “channel” they will end up on before they do.

I bring this up tonight because of the current situation in the federal government in America — well, at other levels, too. I’m not an alarmist, but I am observant. I’m not a resister just to pull away, nor am I a rebel just to stir up shit. However, by shedding light, making observations, and loving souls, sometimes I end up having no discernible difference between resisters and rebels with no focused point.

Tonight, I want to make a few observations. When a national, although not majority, sentiment keeps rocking that dialing knob over certain frequencies, I can see that a final tuning is heading for a very different concept from a republican democracy. Republicanism by its nature provides some safeguards to minorities and those without a real voice, those who scream silent screams in an often rigged system. Of course, we have amazing documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with our Bill of Rights to help give definition to the sort of republic we have. Many other republics exist, but not with those documents.

What I see occurring right now is a flagrant, arrogant, ill-advised, undereducated disregard for those principles, those principles which were not designed from pragmatic, crass, opportunistic materialism but rather from Heart. Were the writers and framers perfect? No, not in reference to the things they espoused, but in another way they designed a system that allows us to live Heart. When that is willfully squashed, then I see we will end up with a functional dictatorship.

And this is the course I see, in brief. It flows from the source of prideful hubris known as nationalism. In case you don’t know, that has been the cause of our world wars and many others. It sickens me that those who want to live Heart principles of patriotism or service to country or community get thrown into that batch. I say that because when the tuner of a nation, like the leader, talks about making a country great again and means that we must prove ourselves better, richer, smarter, stronger, more rigid and less loving than every other nation, that leader moves us towards a dictatorship. They say things that sound good and noble and righteous, but as soon as love as principle of governance is left out, dictatorships result.

Love respects, encourages, and values individuals, cultures, ethnicities, and religions other than the perceived majority. Mentioning religions reminds me that the base frequency of those religions who claim to be “right” or have “the truth.” Each feels they must be better than others — catholics, protestants, jews, muslims, each one with their own sects — and the leadership in each one believes they are right, or at least the “rightest.” That frequency is no different than nationalism.

These are my observations. Now, think about the motive force, the underlying foundation of words like “…all men are created equal,” legal documents like our Bill of Rights, and literature influences like this: “Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, / The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. / Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, / I lift my lamp beside the golden door” (Emma Lazarus from “The New Colossus).

It all matters because these have been major influences, tuning us into a national frequency that should be progressing towards these ideals, ideals of acceptance, valuing one another, equality that allows each to experience the “unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” I’m not advocating willful ignorance of known terrorists or associates of such, but I am saying that when ill-advised edicts like those issued from the executive branch results in anguish of good people, even illegal aliens — those who fall into the categories of the inscription on the Statue of Liberty — it shows me someone is trying to tune to the frequency of WDIC, the channel of dictators.

This same channel eschews those like the Native Americans who can be so casually disregarded once again and sacrificed at the altar of the economy and selfish personal good. The executive office’s intervention to complete that pipeline disqualifies him as a leader of any sort. It puts him, and all others who have ever lied, cheated, killed, and stolen from the Indigenous People in the category of Grand Egotists — they stink.

The executive is not beyond question; we have a constitutional construct of checks and balances to guard against this very sort of tendency. Yes, I am well aware of exceptions in times of great distress, but whipping the nation into a frenzy of fear of an enemy — when we lose more people on a weekly basis to those within the nation as legal citizens — and focusing on exceptions to what should be our standard operating system tells me love has little claim on the conscience and soul of the nation. Dictator type mentality knows that the underlying ethos of our national documents must be ignored.

A superior pronouncement of “we are the best and we will do whatever we need to in order to make that clear,” even by a president and his cronies, means little to those who live Heart. To seek to turn such egotistical sentiments into patriotic laments is disingenuous and misdirects masses. Heart works to tune us to Spirit and live lives of joyful Purpose, and that tuning is done through Love. It’s not about politics per se. It’s about the underlayment of love. Whoever rejects love as a motive force, even for governance, maybe especially for governance, presents a grave danger to everyone. A dictator has no place here for good. Love, though, benefits all. We can afford nothing less in these times.

Blessings for a steady hand in tuning into love!



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