Wanderers: a 7 Billion Planet Solar System

Michael DePung
5 min readJan 8, 2021
How many planets do you see? (Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash)

Mother Earth is a planet that seems unique, yet speculation abounds concerning the infinite possibilities that other planets similar to Earth exist in other solar systems composed of billions of stars in unknown galaxies.

We do not need to go that far to know these speculations hold true. Well, in a metaphorical way, at least, which means the concept won’t be perfect, but similar enough to help us think about our species, humanity, homo sapiens, and our existence as individuals upon this planet, Earth. The metaphor? We are each a planet unto ourselves, and we relate to one another within our own orbits, each of us possessing planetary characteristics.

The etymology of the word planet contains the most basic characteristic. From the Greek planētēs, planet means one who wanders. Planets wander, as do we. Planets possess certain physical characteristics and wander in a relatively defined path, along with other defining characteristics.

Humans have basic characteristics of Ego and Heart that are akin to operating systems, ones that allow us to function as mortals. Ego works to help us maintain survival functions; it alerts us to basic needs. It’s our default system that begins operating at birth, telling us when we are hungry or uncomfortable or hurting, and we process and filter that information and cry to have survival needs met. Ego helps us fit into a collective that has common needs. It serves a host of other functions, too. It’s a basic energy of humans as planets, like one of the magnetic poles.

Heart, the other energy operating system, helps us to know, explore, and discover all we came here to experience. Heart consists of much higher frequency energies than Ego. They form polarities, a natural phenomenon of all planets, magnetic poles that balance, just as we need to reconcile the energies with which we come equipped.

As planets do, we wander; however, natural planets wander within the guidelines of their own physics and their relationship to the sun. We would do well to wander knowing our own composition, if we wish to know those higher frequencies of life we come here to enjoy. Some, maybe many, maybe the majority, wander with no thought or regulation of their own. They are rather like satellites that depend on the energy input of others to…

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