Synchronicity, Vision, and Minor Miracles — No Big Deal

If I ever find myself doubting, questioning if I’m doing the right thing, considering throwing in the towel on this writing gig or anything else I determined to be part of my Purpose, I remember these words my own Heart gave me some while back, words that comfort me, encourage me to forge ahead: Hearts Know Things.

Every day I appeal to Heart to be my operating system, the energy I use to filter, process, respond to and act through in life. When Ego pops up, though, in those times I referenced, I recognize it and call on Heart to remember.

Remember what? Remember that I came to a point of understanding the two dynamics within me and that I chose Heart as the energy by which I would live. And that’s significant, because writing every day with a desire to share my Heart and thereby bless myself and others becomes a challenge that Ego tries often to take up. Heart calls me back. I awakened to Heart, engage in fellowship with my Heart, and created Purpose with Heart. Heart never wavers or questions; steadfast, it reminds me of our joy.

Then, I have choices: Do I want to feel like shit? Do I want to feel the things I told Heart I wanted to feel as we evolved in our relationship, things like love, abundance, intimacy, friendship, peace, fun, and even the joy travel? Do I want those emotions? I won’t get them through despair and looking at the lack of response or income as the fault of others, will I? NO, I won’t.

To do work, any work, especially work of eternal significance, will always be a challenge. Ego will see to it. It’s been said by many others, and I will repeat it: We must have a clear picture of what we want. The best way I know to do that is to choose how I want to feel and then choose what daily activity that is honest work will enable me to feel those ways.

For me, it’s communication arts, writing, speaking, and coaching. I live in a real world, though, and part of that expression has continued to be in tutoring students, at least it’s connected. The bigger part of that is the practical work of producing products and services for sale. If I offer value, others will wish to have my work for themselves. If I produce and offer that value in love, then it’s a win-win-win. The third win is the Universe! To work for nearly a year and a half with no income is what Ego uses against me the most, but with little success. I hope that’s obvious by the fact that as of tomorrow’s blog post, it will be five hundred days in a row — over a million words in that time. Awesome, but no money!

My Heart works and knows things, and Heart mediates with Spirit to garner the energies of the Universe to work together for my good. It’s a mystery, one I experience because I release Ego goals of safety, comfort zones, sloth, and a whole bunch of others and allow the magic of the energies of life to form a positive field around me. And then, well then, miracles will happen, sometimes minor, sometimes major.

I am fairly certain I will not know a major miracle has occurred until after the fact, until looking back and seeing some great blessing happened because I didn’t quit, because I persisted in love, because Hearts know things.

The minor miracles I enjoy the same way. For instance, I just continue writing and find others writing about or dealing with exactly the same thoughts — that’s synchronicity. I always take synchronicity as a miracle. Of course, I take the song of the birds, the gift of a feather, the blooming of flowers, the barking of dogs — you get the picture — all as miracles. Synchronicity, though, tells me my Heart has been working through Spirit to provide a special encouragement, one as I said, I didn’t know would happen until I worked through it. We must work if we want to manifest miracles and establish our Vision.

That happened to me this morning. I continued revising my short nonfiction book, and the subsection I entered this morning was “Vision.” I didn’t plan it, and I had already written my personal morning pages about these ideas. I will share, as I did a bit ago, some of my own words from that subsection of Discovering Self and Creating Purpose — (still not sure of that title):

“Vision is that mental image we design, create, and craft in our mind. This is a real action step, albeit a mental action, one that brings us to the verge of execution. It’s damn hard to execute if you don’t see the big picture. Vision is what Purpose will look like in everyday life.

“We craft the big picture, Purpose, by turning the noun Vision into verbs: envision and visualize. What do we envision or visualize? Are there guidelines, a checklist, or a procedure?

“Not really, so I start with this: how do I want to feel, and what emotions do I want to experience? I wanted to feel significant, among other emotions, using the abilities I felt drawn to, studied, taught, and practiced: writing and speaking. If we have determined the emotions we wish to experience in our Vision, then we can ask another question: How do I want Me, core Self, maybe my new name, to look in this world? What do I see myself doing on a daily basis?”

I give some questions for consideration afterwards, but I’m out of room here. I want to remember the words of someone else today who shared wisdom about life and how to achieve. He would show me necessary skills, lay out the job, and then say, “Just do it.” He would turn and walk away, leaving me to respond however I needed to.

Dad, thank you for all you showed me and shared with me throughout your life. I miss you being here, but I value your life energy that we share so often. I love you.




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