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Spirit Rocks: Turning on Heart and Tuning in to Spirit

Michael DePung


We come to this plane of existence to experience beauties, joys, wonders, magic, and a plethora of other amazing explorations and discoveries on Mother Earth.

We do so because we are Spirit incarnate, spirits with human bodies. As such, we intend to enjoy the physical part of our co-creation, which we could not do without physical bodies. This introduces a wonderful opportunity for whole new realms of experience, because by becoming human, we needed a unique operating system: Ego.

Ego lets us know many things about how we fit into the collective energy generated by history and the present population of Mother Earth and how we perceive certain aspects of us.

However, since we are bodies, with Ego, in Spirit, a magical dynamic exists: we come equipped with two operating systems representing each element of our identity — Ego and Heart.

While Ego has useful, necessary functions, we come to appreciate all of this creation through the Heart operating system, to filter, process, respond, explore, discover, innovate, create, and more, all energized through Heart. If we do not awaken to our own divinity, Ego is the default system for these human bodies.

Conflict results; we knew it would happen when we came here. Therefore, we knew we were coming to not only experience all those wonderful things in my first sentence, but also we knew we would need to heal, finding points of reconciliation of the polarities of Ego and Heart — not obliterate one or the other.

Much truth — my truth — is implied here, and I’ve written quite a bit about it on this platform (one of the more widely read articles is here). I also have a YouTube channel under my name with each video entitled “Spirit H.I.L.L.”, Spirit Healing in Love and Light. I’ve also written two short nonfiction books (and here) that deal with these issues.

Beyond this, I keep experiencing healing myself, and when I do, I express it as a function of my unique identity as Michael DePung through my own skills, abilities, personality, passions — all the result of a unique blend in this spirit incarnate being of myself.

And that leads me to the poem I share here. Since all physical creation vibrates with Spirit, each…



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