Self-awareness, Self-deceit, and a Lifetime Learning Journey!

From what I understand, a big step in therapy is coming to an awareness of the problem. Self-awareness. It’s a big deal, knowing strengths, weaknesses, abnormal psychologies.

However, we can’t honestly know strengths, weaknesses, or if we’re normal or not unless we awake to that most basic awareness of who we are as core Self. This has been a question for each human for as long as humans have existed. I’ve got a quote from a really old Chinese dude to prove that his culture thought about this in 6th century b.c.e.: “At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want” (Lao Tzu). Self-awareness.

People have the deep sense of core Self, but they will not call on Heart to know that true Self. When they leave Self buried, it creates conditions that make mental health professionals necessary. Carl Jung, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Many people avoid becoming self-aware to the point that they ascribe the direction, circumstances, and outcomes of their lives to some power outside of themselves. It’s an inside job. Self-awareness.

The challenge in becoming self-aware lies in the two operating systems we come equipped with: Ego and Heart. “Each force has its own function, but in terms of fully enjoying, maximizing, and knowing my own Happiness, Heart must be the chosen system; it must be accessed and allowed to supersede Ego. Ego helps us survive in the pack of humanity in various ways, sometimes ways that can be intricate, delicate, and even duplicitous, at least in my experience” (from my Morning Pages today).

Ego wants to keep us in the pack of humanity, so it does not like us to take risks. In fact, Ego has no qualms about self-deceit and lying to make us acceptable to society either as leaders, followers, or even at the margin — just as long as we don’t become self-aware. Self-deceit is the antithesis of self-awareness, and it becomes dangerous when we believe our own lies.

The danger lies in loss of happiness, happiness that comes from fulfillment, significance, and meaningfulness. How does this happen? True story here, but first let me say even after we become self-aware, we still have Ego and it still wants to operate our complete being — a definite struggle.

Here is a scenario I have experienced recently. I spend time in fellowship with my Heart and visualize things that allow me to advance and experience my Purpose, Vision, and Mission. Sometimes, they are goals for the day. Do you know what Ego, my Ego, does? It misappropriates Heart-truths like “eliminate urgency” or “what feels good right now” and sends the message that I’ve finished what I’ve needed to do: “Hey, you’re happy! Isn’t that a goal. No need to rush or be urgent. It’s unspiritual!” Ego uses my own ammo against me in half-truths — deceit — when to be truly happy I want to accomplish my goals.

Coming to understand the workings of Ego is the process of becoming self-aware. Rightly evaluating my strengths and creating my Purpose is self-awareness. Working with others who are capable in areas I am not and not spending time on those weaknesses is self-awareness. A major component of self-awareness, also, is knowing that I do not need ANYONE’s approval of myself, my Purpose, Vision, or Mission. No one knows my Heart, and my Heart is eternal Spirit; I don’t require any higher validation than knowing I am.

Learning this wonderful Self and all the possibilities and powers of creation and depths of joy and love that are possible is the journey of this life in time and space. We are Happiness magnets and generators — when we become self-aware. We need that self-confidence that doesn’t look back, question, or doubt.

When it comes to others being at different points in their journey, I may learn from them, be inspired by them, or in some cases be discouraged by them. What we each need to remember is to value one another, to open our understanding, but to be aware that we are exactly where we should be, and my personal evolution is perfect. I remind myself that I can’t borrow some perceived future from others’ spiritual truths. Grab and use what we can, but it only applies to now and is only useful as it integrates into our personal truth, i.e., it should resonate with us. Yes, knowing that is another part of self-awareness — knowing who we are, what we want, and executing our Happiness plan.

Blessings in that awakened journey!



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