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Looking in a Mirror: Heart and Reality

(Mike DePung — Post II.7)

Our Heart brings us to the point of facing ourselves in honesty, of making us look in the mirror at ourselves and see reflected there the reality of all that we have experienced, espoused, and expressed — all that reveals just exactly what has been Ego and when we have heard Heart whispers. Heart does not allow us to fall prey to Ego bullshit.

I will share something that has been part of my personal experience in recognizing Heart, especially at first in terms of having conversations. It is not necessary, just my own doing. Gazing directly into my own eyes in a mirror and speaking aloud to myself opened one pathway for real, out loud conversations. And in those situations, my Heart made me face my own past — at least started that journey. I don’t believe it’s necessary to evaluate every last issue of the sum total of our lives; however, some things stand out as keystone events, and they present some sort of Ego stumbling block, usually. The light of Heart shed throughout the mind as knowledge and the soul as love exposes those elements that have perhaps caused the greatest hindrances to filling the spiritual void that exists when we only allow Ego to be our primary operating system.

In The Fellowship of the Heart, the current chapter I am writing reveals this aspect of Eric and Anne Lafarnge as their Hearts work through some past experiences they needed to face realistically without the veil of Ego obscuring reality of the unity with eternal Spirit.

I’m sharing a very rough and short section of that to illustrate how these characters face things like many of us have to. It’s not impossible or futile or fruitless, as Ego tells so many. In fact, many people — and I have heard them and counseled with them — keep ending up repeating the same scenarios but refuse to look at it from Heart perspective. “It’s impossible. Nothing will ever change. I don’t have a choice. I’m stuck.”

Guess what? That is pure Ego, unadulterated and destructive, and if one makes those statements, they are true: there is no solution and they will never experience wholeness. But that is never true if we open the eyes and ears of our mind and soul and hear Heart. Ego may say Heart isn’t speaking, but that is a stupid lie, one that, unfortunately can lead to anger and self-harm, including violence against others or suicide. Do you see why I’m so passionate about these issues: know yourself and create your life purpose as a divine creator, because you are.

Well, here is the creative writing snippet:

Anne said, “It was a warning. At least I felt like that. I needed to erase my search history about the alternative materials information that Kathy and Ed worked on. Then, it turned really personal, making me think about my past, the time when I won junior class president in high school and I found out later that the guy I lost to basically threw the whole process, turned his bid into a bit of joke. When I won, he milked his loss to get me to go out with him.”

“Okay, I didn’t expect you to say that. What’s the connection?”

“This was so intimate to me. I understood it. I think there is a direct message. I remember Paul saying he supported winners. I think he has ulterior motives. I don’t know what they are, but based on what I heard from that little inner voice, I don’t think it has positive energy.”

“Anne, do you realize what part of the message was when I heard my heart speaking to me? It was a past, painful memory. It took me awhile to realize it — my parents’ deaths and the bastard who got away with it. I kept replaying that scream from that day in my mind. And then, my heart made me realize what I really had to face. I had to be honest with myself about living who I am. It sounds like your heart has been doing the same thing.”


Anything strike a chord with you? I don’t bring any of this up to create emotional drama. I only do so to help you discover that Heart speaks to us constantly, but we must face truth. And as it was with me, sometimes that has meant literally facing myself in the mirror and letting Heart speak.

I hope you have a superior week.




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