Idealism Does Not Equate to Unrealism: Living Heart in an Ego-energized America

Confessions: 1. It’s late and I’m tired. 2. I’m definitely an idealist, to the point that it affects the way I view the world — past, present, and possible future. I am not apologetic for who I am; however, I am a bit in reference to my relationships with others when my views are misunderstood. I know I’m in a vast minority because of my extreme idealism.

Why am I this way? I look at life the way I envision it could be, the way I could be. Initially, I overlook the baser side of humanity and myself. It’s not a purposeful outlook, really; on the other hand, why choose negativity? To avoid being hurt? To mitigate loss? To limit failure? Yeah, I do choose idealism.

The drawbacks to this consist of problems in assuming others think like me. They don’t, not in general. Then, through Heart-energy, I seek to shine light on my way of thinking. I would not presume to claim I am right or have the answers, but I will say I am speaking my truth. I would also say I write it in love, with passion and compassion for others.

Therefore, when I write about issues as I have this past week concerning environmentalism, I present from a Heart of love my understanding of motives, energies that are manifesting, and my considered opinions. When it comes to social and political issues, it may sound as if I am promoting one political or ideological viewpoint over another.

Sometimes, in practical expression, it turns out that way. In terms of American politics, more often than not, I am examining and reacting to current situations, no matter which political party is involved. Let me be clear tonight, though, that the current party in power, Republicans, whom I have identified with in the past, are by and large a major disgrace to the United States.

Ideologically, I think back to founding principles of this nation as expressed in public documents, especially the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Many of those backing the ideals promulgated in those documents accepted practices such as slavery as part of life. Shame on Jefferson and Washington and many others. I know the arguments; I understand those contemporary issues. The thing is, many following Heart rejected such inhumanity. The leaders, in many instances, were a rank oligarchy wishing to preserve their own property and maintain control, and they were wrong — but not about everything.

I say all this on the verge of all the Fourth of July celebrations, which I value because of my idealism. If you have read any of my work, you know how highly I regard the Declaration of Independence and the value of the Constitution as a living, malleable document meant to preserve freedoms and rights in the face of dictators and oligarchs. These documents had a view to freedom of life and expression, and at least the Founders understood that we don’t all agree and that circumstances change. The checks and balances built into the government are meant to maintain that (Mr. President).

This brings me to the points of tonight, briefly now. When this power-crazed, control-freak current Republican Party puts profits and their own fundamental christian morals ahead of the environment and rights of millions upon millions of others, it is time to call them out. The latest that I saw just in the last thirty-six hours or so consist of two items directly attributable to their mindset.

It is not okay to call an environmental plan for the restoration and repopulation of the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf a “draft recovery plan” when the Republican-based authors list “the populations size and range of this subspecies in the Southwest” to exclude “millions of acres of suitable habitat near Grand Canyon, north of the current recovery area, and [put] an artificial cap on population size” that “will limit real recovery of this species to a state-managed token animal instead of allowing it to fulfill its important role in maintaining ecosystem health” (

Knowing the positive impact and effect of restored wolf populations in other areas such as Yellowstone National Park means nothing to these profit-motive dunderheads. They are despicable in posing that they care about our future. (Once again, if you think that current economy and jobs are more important than ecosystems, you are part of the problem that will doom the decay of humanity. You need to read Rachel Carson’s works as well as Barbara Kingsolver’s essays.)

Then, in a second article that directly relates to my Wednesday and Thursday articles this week, major, significant, far-ranging scientific studies, independent of selfish, dumbass corporation scientists in concerns like Monsanto and Bayer AG, have shown that a major group of pesticides used globally, neonicotinoids, kills bees. Oh, you scientists out there who support this, don’t start shouting about your studies that are done in laboratories and say otherwise. Be honest and be real and look at the far-ranging devastation of these compounds in situ. Think back to the assurances given by “scientists” about the safety of things like DDT and bacillus thurengensis. Destruction of ecosystems and environments for the sake of economy, wealth, control, and power are reprehensible crimes against humanity. (Check out

See, I told you I’m an idealist. I say find another way to provide jobs. The problem is the informal conspiracy of a select oligarchy convince their imbecile minions that all this reasoning is not only valid but also patriotic, moral, and righteous. No, the decisions to distribute poisons when other alternatives exist, to threaten ecosystems, to destroy rainforests, to ignore and continue to subject minorities who control rights to lands and resources (I’m talking the Dakota Access Pipeline and the stealing of lands from Indigenous People) — none of these things are justified, necessary, okay, right, or good. Unless you care only about yourself.

And this brings me to my final point tonight. Individuals act based on Ego or Heart. Ego-energy presents in all of the things I write in opposition to tonight. I won’t even say it’s wrong. I will say it’s foolish, thoughtless, and filled with hatred and immorality. So, if that’s the way you want to go, you will be filled with those things.

I will stick with Heart and expose those Ego-energies and live in my idealism, knowing that alternatives exist in each and every case to the stupid, selfish, reprehensible actions of those promoting and justifying and supporting in any way (yes, law enforcement included here) the agenda of those who destroy and degrade. I know it can be different.

In retrospect, while my idealism may not be a majority mindset, it isn’t unrealistic.

Blessings as you consider these issues!



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