How Do You Respond to Discoveries of the Heart?: Heart-energy and Humanity

When I recorded some random musings earlier today, I didn’t know where they might lead or how applicable they would be to anything. The underlying thoughts were, and are, these: If great truth comes to be discovered, articulated, and shared, will people respond to it? How many will care? Will enough care to embrace it and allow it to inform their lives in one way or another, depending on the discovery?

After my trying week, I have considered how significant my truth has been to me. In the past, I would have run, in one way or another. My spiritual awakening and realization of Ego and Heart being part of my total being has led me to share the greater implications of who and what we are as human beings and our purpose for being here. Computer problems aside, I didn’t run from that!

There is a unifying force, dynamic, charge, and discharge of energy common to all of physical creation: biological, organic, inorganic, and the sentient. That essence of all is eternal Spirit, the creator-force of all. I have been primarily concerned with how that force represents in humans and humanity. I have called its presence in us Heart, and Heart acts as an operating system for our mind-soul-body complex. When we allow that with our sentience and cognizance, we are in concert, harmony, flow with the Spirit of all things, with the Universe itself.

However, we come with another operating system as a sentient being. That default system is Ego. If we don’t choose Heart, then Ego will be operating, sometimes modified by Heart impulses. There is a curious blend of those two within us, but I speak of predominant energy. The interplay, paradox, and opposing dynamics of Ego and Heart explain the total structure and state of individuals, societies, nations, history, and humanity. That’s a pretty big idea to me, and it’s one that allowed me to persist and grow through this challenging week, even though I am exhausted.

Before I share another application of this principle of what I have called the Grand Unified Theory of Humanity, I want to emphasize that not choosing Heart and allowing Ego operation is not wrong or some sort of sin. It will, however, if left unchecked, lead to loss of joy, sense of purpose, reason for existence, and a host of other things. And when Ego-energy drives lives, the effects of that keep rippling across individuals and, ultimately, is seen in corporate representations of humanity. I believe the worst evils happen when people consciously reject Heart energy and principles and embrace Ego.

Today, communications about such spiritual realities that impact everyday life abound. Yet the majority of folks allow Ego to operate their lives by making decisions, choosing feelings, and taking action based on Ego’s shielding, isolating, and self-adulating functions. It just feels good and offers quick fixes based on immediate situations, and such fixes definitely take no accounting of the realities of Spirit working in and through all the Universe. Such responses lead to lives of mediocrity, because when we don’t align with Spirit in ourselves, we will miss out on the big picture, something that we all at our core long to co-create and be a part of with others. And when enough individuals settle into such a mindset and soul reaction, corporate entities of humanity take on shallow, unfulfilling, and self-absorbed characteristics.

I will give one example of this, because if I had the inclination or time, I could research and write complete volumes and series on businesses, governments, religions, and various organizations throughout history that are characterized by Ego-energy.

By way of application, earlier today I saw a headline by the Associated Press online: “Protections for 27 national monuments may be curtailed, cut.” The article details the current massively Ego-dominated administration’s efforts to give control of twenty-two monuments and the surrounding massive acreage back to states. Then, there are five marine sanctuaries included in Trump’s order. The Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is working on it. Why is this reflective of the principles I have been discussing?

Maybe it sounds noble — Ego will always rationalize even immorality — to give control back to states; however, the reality is the desires for reclaiming and snatching the lands out of protected status is that, according to Republicans in Utah, “the monument designation will stymie growth by closing the area to new commercial and energy development.” This is an Ego response because it exposes the gluttony and desire for ease at the cost of Nature and our environment. Most of us are not willing to wait for newer technologies to be developed that have manageable impact, renewable strategies for Earth. Most oil industry production has no renewable, recoverable ways of replenishing or healing the blights it produces. Other ways exist or are waiting to be developed, innovated through the work of those who would live their own Heart truth.

Oh, maybe I should explain that the million acres of land the Republicans in Utah are scheming to grab back are lands “sacred to Native Americans and home to tens of thousands of archaeological sites, including ancient cliff dwellings.” Disregard of the rights of such cultures that have been trampled for five hundred years reveals Ego operating through an oligarchy of fascists. (Yes, look up the definition: it fits.)

The intent is so obvious it’s almost laughable to try and justify it with blubbering, inane, stupid words about choice and giving control back to the people. It’s all, according to the Utah Republicans themselves, to give the lands away to the oil and gas industry in return for political support, the perpetuation of power, wealth, and control, hallmarks of Ego-energy. These traits permeate Ego-oligarchies.

I do not know the outcome of this, even though I suspect some do. This is a matter of shedding Heart-light on Ego-darkness. It’s the nature of the two operating systems. This one instance of political machinations illustrates the Heart-Ego operating systems in action as they expand from individuals to a larger corporate context. And it could be repeated in examining the social, political, and economic development of humanity throughout history.

And it brings me back to this: Does this matter to some? I know most of a population will not respond quickly to new perceptions, but many with whom I am in contact have the hope I do that increasing masses will awaken to Heart, to Spirit within, and live full and significant lives of Heart-purpose, exploring, discovering, creating, and developing the beauty of the Universe in the confines of these mortal lives.

Blessings, my friends!



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