Heart-Light: It Really Helps!

(Mike DePung — Post 348)

This morning I referred to sharing parts of my life in public forums like this. Then, I thought about that and realized I’m not sharing hardly anything at all.

Sharing involves a mutual exchange. I’m basically displaying, telling you, announcing. I don’t know if that makes my point from this morning any more valid or not, but I think it might.

I tell about parts of my life to give some context and to illustrate how I apply, respond to, and just plain old live the things I write about. It’s not so easy at times — the living part, that is. Because I write about my life does not, should not, imply I have anything figured out. I don’t even feel a compulsion to have it all figured out. In fact, I don’t need to have it all figured out.

Why? This is simple: we never arrive, never will have it all together. We’re eternal, no end. So no need to worry. Just keep moving forward and creating.

For me, that means when I face personal struggles and challenges, I count those as part of the journey that somewhere, somehow, some way I ordained so that I could work through them. Is that pleasant? Is it pain free? Do I remain calm, cool, and collected through it all?

Hell, no. But here’s the difference when I know Heart: I have that part of me that is my direct link, my direct being and essence to and of eternal Spirit. I need to allow Heart to remind me of that, to allow Heart to run soul and mind.

At times, I walk that journey not knowing in any way what lies ahead on a darkened path; however, I have the love of Heart to provide light enough for where I stand and the next step I take. I need to question and explore myself, my interior cosmos, by allowing Heart-light to expose the dark areas, ego-bound processes and shadow selves, in order for growth to occur.

That’s all I need to know. Growth occurs, and one awakened to self brooks neither stagnation nor stubborn ego refusal to change — at least not for long. With this mindset, sometimes I fall into an ego pattern of putting urgent pressure on myself to meet deadlines and my own and others’ expectations. Therein lies one of the changes I am undergoing — eliminating urgency due to anyone else’s expectations. I am not setting myself up nearly as frequently for such situations. And it’s not even by telling people no to things; it’s just by keeping my mouth shut about offers and deadlines.

Why do I share this today? Ever since finishing the basic draft of my ebook, I have struggled every single day over some aspect of what I write, including what I will continue to write in my daily posts. Now, this is not a struggle due to urgently applied expectations, but rather this is my Heart Purpose, and that, as I said last night, is not optional. I know the limits and my mission and when things may change. Until then, part of the challenge and struggle to produce is a growth process I desire.

I know my medium term goals are to get my ebook published and to reinitiate work on my novel while, for now, posting every day. Those things bring me joy through purpose, and they also bring opportunity to explore and discover more about myself.

In the meantime, I certainly hope my work brings some sort of value to others. So, while challenged and struggling through self-development, exploration, and discovery, I enjoy my work and seek to raise awareness for others to discover Self. I would love to fellowship with many of my readers in our Heart work. Those times will come, times of The Fellowship of the Heart.