Energies of Change in You and Me: No Stopping Us Now

This represents some of the energies of change, and much change would create much more happiness, progress, significance — improved mental and societal health. (Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash)

As humans, we usually resist change. We do so because we have ego, one of two energy operating systems with which we are equipped. Ego energy seeks to protect us, and it works well. Resisting change when life is going well provides an insulating protection. Ego works to help us in our physical world, alerting us to threats, discomforts, and a host of other challenges. Our lives, though, are so much…



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Michael DePung

Explore. Discover. Collect. Connect. Create. Love. I write these things to experience and express Spirit here. How do you do Life? Contact: mdepung@gmail.com