Emerging from the Great Lake of Mediocrity: How?

(Mike DePung — Post II.69–17)

I have written about faith recently, faith in myself, my own Heart, and our co-creation of Purpose that works for my happiness. I have developed my personal truth based on my knowledge, experience, learning, research, interactions, and a thousand other experiences and people. I know who I am and what I want to do to express my core Self, my Heart.

My Heart reminds me daily I am an exquisitely personalized representation of eternal Spirit here in physical form to sense, know, and live this life in the Universe. It blows me away that I came here conjunctively with Spirit, and Spirit is known as Me. Of course, Spirit is known as every individual who walks the face of this planet, which makes every human being equally valuable.

The recognition of that and cognizance of it every day comprises awakening as epiphany and journey. However, when people allow Ego to isolate them from their own Heart, rationalize with them about a million reasons why spiritual awakening and following heart is impossible, foolish, wasteful, beyond them, beneath them, or whatever else Ego may use — all of these rationalizations keep folks from realizing their innate power and ability to create and live happiness. Unfortunately, this lands the mass of people in the great lake of mediocrity.

People who emerge from that lake do it in one of two ways: through the agency of Ego or Heart, one of those two dynamics. Ego seeks to preserve the body-mind-soul complex in society by isolating us in an ironic way. The mass of those who haven’t awakened feel, want, and long for soul and spiritual fulfillment, and Ego rationalizes in many ways to make people feel special, accepted, and acceptable as individuals in the midst of other individuals with little real connections. It’s why people keep seeking their true identity and purpose and why they feel lonely in the midst of an ever-increasing population. Ego operates as our default life-processing unit in this way.

Heart, though, lets us know that it’s there, that the core Self is within our being, and we need to acknowledge that. We can reconnect with our eternality; we can connect with our core Self and thereby with our true Spirit-nature. When that happens and the whole process of awakening is engaged, it works rather the opposite of Ego. We come to realize and love Self, develop personal truth and purpose based on that, and then we are open to and understand the connection to all of creation — no existential loneliness.

Many, probably the majority, who emerge from that lake of mediocrity do so by Ego. This is when problems occur. Ego has convinced the individual to given into the hubris of ensuring self-survival at the expense of anyone and everyone else who needs to be used. Power players, oligarchies, formal and informal conspiracies arise. These people, to a large extent, do have power, control, and wealth, and they determine, in many instances, the course of history. I never underestimate Ego; it’s obviously a persuasive and powerful force.

However, we can leap out of that lake of mediocrity by awakening to and acknowledging the powerful presence of Heart. When one understands eternal Spirit is part and parcel of the makeup of their being, who needs to control things? We choose happiness. We choose life and freedom. We choose to enjoy the blessings of this Universe because we are instrumental in the continuing creation of it, i.e., we are Spirit and Universe and creators in a very real way. This does not mean we deny the presence and influence of Ego.

The letter I wrote to my Ego two nights ago attests to this. Understanding Ego means we can appreciate and use it. The contrary dynamic of Ego to Heart initiates creativity and understanding. This leads to gratitude, which enlightens us even further in the journey of awakening.

The wisdom we gain helps illuminate the darkness caused by those who have slinked out of the lake of mediocrity via that same Ego force, but these individuals have consciously said no to Heart prompts and continue and will need to continue to because Heart never goes away either. Strong feelings I have about social and political issues result from my Heart perspective, so sometimes I seek to shine into the Ego darkness, pain, suffering, and oppression such folks produce and inflict.

Other times, I just want to say what I stand for as alternatives. It’s not so easy, though, because the Ego controllers will want an ironclad, complete answer for everything, and that’s okay. Tonight, I began this piece with the intention of stating some of those things with no apologies or justifications. As I wrote, I sensed I needed to state these concepts, my truth.

Maybe tomorrow night?!




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