Do You Really Want Your Happiness? What’s the Quality of Your Pursuit?

Quality control occupies a significant aspect in product manufacturing. Quality, high quality, affects business, affects outcomes, affects customer satisfaction. And it affects your life.

How? Obviously, I’m asking a convergent question, so I’m not making you guess. The last two evenings, I have written about Happiness, the capital H courtesy of the Declaration of Independence. Tonight, I want to focus on the three words leading to Happiness in that Declaration: “…the pursuit of… .” Do you think that’s weird? Nah! I knew you wouldn’t, as long as I link it back to the first paragraph and the idea of quality.

Let’s think about pursuit. Pursuit implies something or someone being chased, presumably to actually catch it for a reason. The connotation is positive. It’s something we would really, really, really want. If there is a very special someone with whom we would enjoy having a relationship, then we usually do things to pursue that: be in the same place at the same time; have friends arrange dates; communicate our feelings. Thousands of possibilities here, aren’t there?

What if, however, you claim you find that person attractive, you know where he or she is going to be, the kinds of things they like, and you check up on that one in social media, find out they will be at a friend’s party — to which you have been invited — hit a like button, and stay home and eat popcorn and drink beer? Yeah, that’s poor quality pursuit.

It would be akin to a hunter staking out deer runs and setting up a blind. Then, on opening day of deer season, the hunter builds a fire, roasts marshmallows, and blasts some Metallica. Once again, poor pursuit.

Pursuit starts with having a clear picture of exactly what it is one wants. Then, a passion is developed, one that leaves little room for any other thoughts, one so powerful it becomes an obsession, one so mesmerizing that nothing satisfies except for the pursuit of the goal — Happiness.

What is your Happiness? If you can’t answer that, the kind with a capital H, then you will probably be stumbling through life, half-ass trying one thing and then another until frustration builds, driving you to another lackluster chase, always wondering why this person or that one is so successful.

The people most others think are so successful are the ones who know what their Happiness is and make it part of their total being, part of their psyche, part of their everyday life. This usually begins when they have had to do other things on their way to Happiness, but the quality of their pursuit was so pure, so obsessive, that even a crappy job on the way to their Happiness couldn’t throw them off the trail.

If my Happiness, for instance, is to promote discovery through writing, then I should treat writing like a lover to be pursued, to be so highly valued that every waking effort and every sleeping dream make that writing part of my very being. It is, in fact, for me.

Ego will warn us off of this, telling us we’re becoming fanatics, obsessed. Sometimes this friendly advice comes through the “caring” observations of others who rarely could directly in a second’s response tell you what their Happiness is. If we set something as Happiness, especially as a result of coming to know core Self, Heart, and how that Self will be characterized in this Universe (Purpose) and how we want that Purpose to look in daily life (Vision), then obsession is the result, an unrelenting pursuit.

I want to make something clear here. In one sense, we will never be finished with this journey; we will be pursuing Happiness to the last breath if we know what it is. But here is the awesome thing about Happiness with a capital H: it keeps expanding, growing, yielding greater joys. We get a little bit of it every day. We experience magic and miracles because of the obsession. And even though it is an obsession, it requires no urgency, no one else’s input on a timeline of accomplishment. We simply pursue, gain, pursue, grow, pursue, love, pursue — and know immense joy while we have a freakin’ blast.

Pie in the sky? Can’t be like that? Get real — you’ve got to earn a living? All those offering that practical advice — Ego bullshit. No faith. Filled with fear. Unhappy with themselves. Easily diverted from their own visions, dreams, and passions in order to be practical. Little understanding of the power of who and what we are as human beings. Is that clear enough?

For this evening, I leave you with my love and blessings as you consider your Happiness and the quality of your pursuit. If You (why did I capitalize the Y?) know your Happiness, then feed on it, visualize it, make your daily actions about that. DO NOT freakin’ stop. Love it, make love to it, play it like a Stradivarius — -I need more cliches! Not really, just become obsessed.

And when I see you living life in that quality of pursuit, I know you are living your Heart. I know You are expressing your love to the Universe and to me. And you encourage me to redouble my obsession with my Happiness.

I will let this rest for tonight. I have some quotes I would like to address tomorrow, expanded versions of ones I used in my earlier writing today, and I will address those tomorrow. Maybe.

Richest blessings!



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