Daily Work: Act of Our Creation and Faith through Heart!

(Mike DePung — Post II.108–17)

I’ve spoken with them, people, friends, loved ones, acquaintances who are not living life in the way they want to experience it.

Well, they don’t think they are. I know they only have a vague idea of what sort of life they want. Most of it revolves around having a lot of money to buy lots of things or do lots of things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that — unless it derives from Ego and keeps bringing one back to the same spot of spiritual despair.

Of course, people who feel like this don’t think of it as a spiritual problem, not usually. They need a better job, more money, nicer boss, or something like that. So, when I share with them about Heart, hearing Heart, and coming to a point of choosing what they really want, I get different reactions.

This brings me back to where I ended last night. When we awaken, really wake up to the fact that we are a personal expression of Spirit. That personal expression, You, has passions, acquired knowledge, personality — everything that makes You You. When that You melds with Heart, eternal Spirit in You, then the Universe is at your command.

What do you do at this point? I recommend that you spend time speaking directly to your Heart. Ask questions. Listen. Consider possibilities of what you want — no rights or wrongs in the fellowship of the Heart. Now is the time to create your fate. Now, you can think and feel under the operating system of Heart. Now, you can take a new name, one that describes this complete You. Choose it. Claim it. Declare it to yourself and the Universe, to Spirit.

These actions are exactly what those who are miserable need to be doing. Can you have help, coaching, guidance if you feel you need it? Of course you can, but I will tell you that ultimately you have your own answers within yourself, you take responsibility, and that is so freeing.

Now, for those who are miserable and don’t want to hear this sort of thing, fine, just fine. But you will find out that resigning yourself to live in mediocrity on a day to day basis will just keep bringing you back to the same questions and answers because Ego’s tune is pretty consistent. Oh, you may have a nice home, get to buy lots of things, go on nice vacations, but how do the hours, weeks, and years stack up against the time you get to enjoy those things? Are they ever enough?

I’m not preaching the gospel here, really. It’s just that I have heard, seen, and been in contact with such people recently. I don’t need to worry about possible offenses if they recognize themselves because they would never read this.

And I would say I am privileged and blessed to know many who hear their Heart and have created and are living their purpose. And that does not mean life is easy. It means they work hard, plan, prioritize, learn, and many times short themselves on sleep. But they love what they do because they are expressing and living Self, Heart-Self, and when we are together and share what’s going on, we marvel at the work of one another and rejoice in it. That’s part of the Fellowship of the Heart.

Me? I have my new name, and if I live it, I must read, research, write, and share. Since I have not yet made money — nor asked for it — from my work, it also means I put in long hours because I have to do some things to earn some bucks. But I’m not worried about it. I know as I live Heart-truth I will have all I want. And I love sitting down and writing the discoveries of the day, those things I have seen in my mind and soul, and sharing them with you.

Money follows living Heart passion, but it is not the incentive to live Purpose. Stephen King, the horror novelist, said “Yes, I’ve made a great deal of dough from my fiction, but I never set a single word down on paper with the thought of being paid for it…I have written because it fulfilled me…I did it for the pure joy…” Most very successful people are so because they followed their Heart-joy, not Ego-drive for money that they have no joy, fulfillment, or significance in.

Beyond joy, though, is the reality that Heart-work is expressing the love of eternal Spirit through us to and in this whole Universe. Spirit uses these bodily forms because It is pleased to do so and created us for this. That’s why we seek something greater, why we know there’s more for us. Kahlil Gibran says, “Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.” As for me, I want to be an alms-giver, not a taker.

See, this whole mindset of you have to just slog through life accepting whatever you can grab is pure bullshit: it’s Ego. And the questions, considerations, and solutions are Heart matters, not matters of practicality or necessity, not “I have to do something to earn a living.” Life and the meaning we impart to it through our daily work and actions are matters of faith and creation. Those come from within.




Explore. Discover. Collect. Connect. Create. Love. I write these things to experience and express Spirit here. How do you do Life? Contact: mdepung@gmail.com

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Michael DePung

Explore. Discover. Collect. Connect. Create. Love. I write these things to experience and express Spirit here. How do you do Life? Contact: mdepung@gmail.com